Opportunities Overview

Within the Opportunities Tab, you can display a great number of contacts and get a visual of where those contacts are on your process.

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Welcome to the "Opportunities" tab overview. This section is designed to help you efficiently manage and organise new business opportunities by incorporating them into pipelines, allowing you to monitor their progress throughout the entire sales cycle. Once the pipelines are in place, you can start leveraging this powerful feature to streamline your sales process.

NOTE: If you do not currently have "Pipelines" set up, you will either need to visit the setting area and create them yourself or contact your CRM administrator to create them for you.

Opportunity Cards

Opportunity cards offer you the ability to effectively manage and organise pipelines of leads, customers, and other potential business deals as they progress through various stages within distinct sales funnels. By leveraging these cards, you can efficiently monitor the advancement of each opportunity, ensuring a smooth transition through the sales process and enhancing overall pipeline management.

Opportunity Search Bar

To locate a particular opportunity, use the search bar and input any relevant contact details or the unique opportunity name associated with it. This feature allows you to quickly and efficiently find specific opportunities by searching based on identifiable information, streamlining your ability to manage and track their progress in the sales process.

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