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Transactions - Overview
Transactions - Overview

The transactions tab in your account is where you can view, sort and download all of the transactions that have happened over time.

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Payments (Transactions)

Within the transactions subsection located under the payments tab in your CRM, you will find a comprehensive list of transactions associated with your linked Stripe and PayPal products. This centralised view allows you to conveniently monitor and manage all transactional activities involving these payment platforms, providing an efficient way to track your business's financial performance and customer interactions.

NOTE: Depending on your user permissions, you may not have access to all of the components.

View Your Transactions

When you have successfully processed transactions, they will be displayed in this designated area for easy viewing and management. However, if there are no transactions available to view, either due to a lack of completed transactions or other reasons, this section will appear empty. In such cases, as your business progresses and transactions occur, this area will populate accordingly.



Date Range

You can find the transaction from a specific calendar period with a calendar filter. Click on the calendar tab and select "from" and "to" periods and the system will show the transaction from the calendar period set by a user.

Search via date range

Search date range


Enter a Provider & Charge ID or customer's first name to narrow down the transaction details of the customer.

Search transaction list

Search transaction list


These filters allow you to view the transaction based on its status, payment mode, or Source type. A status can be active, overdue, cancelled, etc. Payment mode could be Live or test mode, and Status type could be Funnel or websites.




To obtain a copy of the transaction list, simply click on the download button. This action will generate a downloadable file containing the entire list, allowing you to conveniently save, access, and analyse the data offline or share it with other team members as needed.

Download transaction list

Download transaction list

Transaction Table

Viewing your list of transactions, you will see a variety of identifiers:

  1. Provider & charge ID

    Here you can view the stripe ID allotted to each transaction on the list. It is generated by the system and it is helpful to track and resolve transaction-related issues.

  2. Customer

    The names of the customers are listed here.

  3. Source

    Here you will see which source the transaction came from.

  4. Transaction date

    The date a transaction was done will be listed here.

  5. Amount

    The transaction cost will be listed here.

  6. Status

    The status of each transaction will be listed here; "Pending", "Succeeded", and "Failed".

Transaction list

Transaction list

Actions Menu

To the far right of each transaction, click on the three dots to view transaction, view customer, view order, or view order.

Action menu

Action menu

View Transaction

Here you can see the transaction details for each of the customers;

  1. Transaction ID

    Here we can see the identification number of the transaction made.

  2. Transaction Date

    You can see the date and time the transaction was made.

  3. Total Amount

    You can see the total amount charged for this transaction here.

  4. Payment Provider

    You can see the name of the payment provider type, ID, account ID, and who made the payment.

  5. Customer's Information

    You can see the customer's name and email. When you click on the URL arrow, it directs you to the Contact Details section.

  6. Source

    You can see the; internal order ID, source type, sub-type, identification (click on the ID to direct you to the Funnel the contact is linked to), name, step ID, and page ID.

Transaction details

Transaction details

View Customer

If you want to edit the customer's details, click on the "view customer" button to direct you to the Contact details section.

View customer in contact details

View customer in Contact details

View Order

Clicking on this button directs you to the order details, you can make any edit there.

View order in Order details

View order in Order details


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