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A Guide to Tracking Your Facebook Ad Grant Usage and Managing Expenditure
A Guide to Tracking Your Facebook Ad Grant Usage and Managing Expenditure

How to find out how much of my grant I have spent

Written by Danni Harris
Updated over a week ago

For local businesses fortunate enough to have received a Facebook Ad Grant from Maybe* sponsored by their local council, maximising the impact of this resource requires careful oversight and strategic planning. It's important to note that the Facebook ad spend can only be used on Facebook ads created after the grant has been allocated to you. It cannot be used on any campaigns that you have already started running.

In this article, we'll guide you through the process of calculating your Facebook Ad Grant usage by logging into the Ads Manager, ensuring that you are making the most of your grant from Maybe*. We'll also provide insights on what steps to take if you find yourself approaching or exceeding the allocated budget.

Step-by-Step Guide to access your Ad billing reports:

  1. Accessing Ads Manager:

  2. Setting the Date Range:

    • Within the Billing & Payments section, locate the date range settings.

    • Set the start date as the day you received the grant from the Maybe* team and set the end date to today's date.

  3. Viewing Invoices:

    • After setting the date range, the system will display all invoices paid within that period.

    • Review the list of invoices to see the amounts spent on Facebook ads during the specified timeframe.

  4. Calculating Total Expenditure:

    • Add together the amounts from each invoice to determine the total amount spent so far using the Facebook Ad Grant.

Managing Expenditure:

  • Monitoring Spending:

    • It is crucial to regularly check your Facebook Ads Manager to keep track of your spending and ensure it aligns with the grant amount.

  • Going Over the Ad Spend:

    • If you exceed the grant amount, you will be responsible for covering the remaining balance.

    • Connect your payment card to the Ads Manager to facilitate the payment process.

  • Addressing Excess Spending:

    • If you realise that you are likely to exceed your grant amount, consider adjusting your ad strategy to optimise your budget.

    • Explore cost-effective ad formats and targeting options to maximise the impact of your spending.

Remember, it is your responsibility to keep a close eye on your ad spending and take corrective action if you approach or exceed the grant amount.

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