Contacts are the central hub to manage customer information, offering features like segmentation and integration with other platforms.

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Company OverviewIn this article we are going to look at the Company option inside the contacts tab.

How To Send A One-Off SMS To Multiple ContactsUsing Bulk Actions with Contacts or Smart Lists, you can perform multiple one-off actions on your chosen contacts.
How To Delete Multiple ContactsYou can easily select the contacts in question and simply use the delete contact button.
How To Export Multiple ContactsTransfer specific contacts from your CRM or marketing campaign
How To Add Multiple Contacts To A Campaign / WorkflowAdding single or multiple contacts to a particular marketing campaign or workflow is fast and easy
How To Send Review Requests To Multiple ContactsWant to request a review of your product or services from your clients?
How To Add/Update Opportunities For Multiple ContactsDo you need to move a single contact or multiple contacts to different pipelines in your opportunities section? If so, it's easy!
How To Merge Multiple ContactsHave multiple contacts that are actually the same person? Utilise ‘merge contacts’ button to combine them into a comprehensive record.
How To Add A Tag To Multiple ContactsHow To Add A Tag To Multiple Contacts
Bulk Actions - OverviewBulk Actions - Overview
Smart List Quick Action ButtonsBy utilising quick actions you can efficiently manage and perform tasks involving a single contact or multiple contacts
Add ContactThrough your CRM, it's easy to ensure that all customer contacts stay organised
Send SMSSend SMS will give you the capability to either message one person or multiple people at the same time
Send EmailThe send email button enables you to quickly send an email message to a single contact or multiple contacts in one go.
How To Add A Tag To Multiple Contacts