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How to increase your Facebook audience
How to increase your Facebook audience

A how-to guide for growing your audience on Facebook.

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Posting consistently is the first step to growing your Facebook audience. We recommend posting once or twice a day, with a preference towards great images and videos as Facebook favours this type of content. 

Make sure your content is engaging for your followers. The more people who like, comment, or share your posts the more favourably Facebook will view your content. 

Start by asking your followers a question, and make sure it's not just a simple "Yes" or "No" response. Open-ended questions like "Tell us what you loved most about our latest event" or "What's your favourite menu item and why?" will start conversations between you and your followers. 

Be responsive. If someone has taken the time to leave you a comment on a post, message you, or tag you into a post, make sure you reply just as you would if someone had spoken to you face-to-face. 

Sharing other people's content is a fantastic way to grow your audience. When you engage with other's content (this means liking it, commenting on it, sharing it, or tagging someone into a post) it shows you care about what they have to say, which will draw their attention to your content. If they engage with your content their followers will also see your content.

Work to a formula of two to three pieces of shared content to every one of your own/created content - shared content on average sees a higher level of engagement.

And, most importantly, have fun with it. People will feed off your enthusiasm and, before you know it, your audience will start growing. 

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