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How to increase your Twitter following
How to increase your Twitter following

A step-by-step guide for increasing the size of your Twitter audience.

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Twitter is excellent for connecting with people and building relationships through real-time conversations with relevant people. 

The first step to growing your Twitter audience is to listen to others, comment and add value through joining relevant conversations.

Make sure you have a clear, consistent message - people are more likely to follow you if what you say is current, thought-provoking, and entertaining to them - and make sure your content isn’t all about you and what you do. Your posts should be engaging and eye-catching, and use images or videos wherever you can.

Aim to tweet at least five to ten times a day.

Engage with relevant people and share content that is of interest to your audience. 

Make sure to @mention people, which means to use their Twitter handle in your posts. This will draw their attention to your content and increase the chance of them engaging with you. 

Your bio is vital as it lets people know who you are, and using the correct hashtags will also help people find your content.

With Twitter, the more you put in, the more you get out. Be consistent and have fun getting involved in conversations!

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