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What are your social media KPIs?
What are your social media KPIs?

Before you know what good looks like, you need to understand what measurements to focus on

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Your social media key performance indicators (KPIs) are the goals you set for yourself, stating what you’d like to achieve from social media activity, and help you to measure it's having the desired effect. So, how do you choose what to measure and what KPI targets are right for your business?

To start, we recommend measuring these KPIs:

  • Followers shows you how many fans or followers you have across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This number is an indication that you are growing and people want to follow what you have to say, but try not to focus on it too much.

  • Reach which is available for Facebook and Instagram, but on Twitter it’s called impressions. This is the number of people’s feeds your content has been shown in. Individuals do not have to be following your page to see its content in their social media feeds.

  • Engagement is the number of likes, shares, and comments that your posts receive. Likes are great but comments and shares are better as they increase the reach of your content.

Use the Maybe* Insight summary to understand how your followers and engagement stack up against other businesses.

Pro tip Use the Your report feature of Maybe* to regularly check in with your social media performance metrics. Add your other business data such as sales or footfall so you can measure all the data that matters to you in one place, and begin to understand how one metric impacts another.

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