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Create a Facebook or Instagram ad
Create a Facebook or Instagram ad

How to create an ad for your business

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Ready to start building your first ad campaign on Facebook or Instagram?

Login to Facebook Ads Manager and click the green ‘Create’ button to get started with a new Facebook Ad campaign.

There are different types of ads depending on the type of behaviour you want to drive so set your objective carefully.

Our video tutorials will walk you through how to set up three different types of ad you might want to use.

How to create a follower campaign
A follower campaign consists of ads that invite people to like or follow your social media pages.

How to create an engagement ad
This type of ad will drive more likes, comments and shares on your posts.

How to create a traffic ad
Traffic ads are designed to get more people to your website.

When you've created your ad you'll be able to see what your ad looks like in different placements eg. mobile news feed, desktop news feed, desktop right column etc. Once you're happy with how your ad will look, you can save to drafts or click the green 'Publish' button to wait for Facebook to review your ad. 

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