Denise Law, founder of indie fashion boutique Law & Co, caught our attention with her fantastic Instagram stories. Already a dab hand at social media, Denise’s social media strategy was successfully driving engagement with her audience via Instagram stories but she had no idea how to convert engagement into sales. Maybe* helped Law & Co use Facebook ads to retarget people who had already browsed her website to incrementally grow her business over just seven days. The campaign delivered an additional £17,810 in sales from a spend of just £765.

“The results have been amazing. My social media ads had previously delivered traffic to the website and my followers were growing but I had no idea whether they were spending. The Maybe* Ad Manager has helped me recover sales I thought I’d lost. My retargeting advert tracked down visitors to my website who had not bought previously delivering me almost £18,000 in sales in just one week. Retargeting is now a standard part of my social media approach. It’s been a game changer.” Denise Law, founder Law & Co

How did they do it?

Law & Co knew that their content was performing well and customers were engaging. They were even experimenting with social media advertising by boosting posts, but founder Denise Law had no idea whether her ads were delivering a return on investment. The Maybe* team showed Denise that there are more effective ways to advertise than using the blue boost button on her posts.

Denise was already engaging in other social media conversations about her location, working with influencers and active in the conversations her customers were likely to be interested in. When you engage in other conversations and it prompts a visit to your social media page, or an engagement with your comments, Facebook captures that information and starts to build an audience you can advertise to.

Retargeting ads allows independent retailers like Law & Co to re-engage already interested customers and successfully sell to them. To run retargeting ads you need to add a ‘Facebook Pixel’ to your website – a simple piece of code that tracks visits to a website. It captures the Facebook user information of who those visitors are and builds an audience you can retarget with Facebook ads if they did not purchase.

How you can succeed with social like Law & Co

  • If you are spending on advertising, stop hitting the blue boost button to advertise to all and be more focused with your advertising instead

  • Ensure you have a Facebook Pixel on your website. Don’t worry, no development is required; Shopify, Woo, or Wix websites (among others) simply ask you to paste the code into your website settings.

  • Build your audience in Facebook to choose who you want to advertise to based on who is already engaging with you and who is browsing your website

  • Use the Maybe* Ad manager to monitor the progress of your ads. Increase spend or the campaign length on ads that are delivering for you, or pause the ads that are not delivering the desired outcome

How Maybe* can help

Maybe* makes it super simple to succeed with your social media campaigns.

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