As the UK entered another period of COVID ‘lockdown’ in November 2020 meaning the closure of non-essential retail stores, one Maybe* customer used smart social media tactics to take their sales far beyond even their own expectations. Well prepared with their learnings from the first lockdown, Keith Scarrott combined an ad spend of only £200 with a well established email list and a flash 45% off sale to celebrate 45 years in business. The result – an increase in year-on-year orders of 11,367% in just six hours.

"Maybe* has been a real game-changer for our online proposition. We use it to understand who our audience is and what products will be of greatest interest to them. By using this information we’re able to target a specific audience with our Facebook ads which draw in new shoppers to our store and our online boutique.”

Sophie Scarrott - owner of Keith Scarrott

  1. What was the key challenge you had at this time?

  2. What was the critical action(s) you took that made the difference?

  3. What did you learn (good/bad)?

  4. Would you do this again/how frequently will you run a campaign like this?

  5. What advice would you give to others who want to follow in your footsteps?

How did they do it?

Keith Scarrott delivered this amazing result by focusing on a single goal and how to get there. Impressively they did it on just a £200 investment in ads, targeting customer groups they had already built [using Maybe*]. Using Shopify’s click and collect function to fulfill orders, they targeted loyal customers with social media content, paid ads and a parallel email campaign to drive traffic and sales. The small team stayed on-point throughout the day, responding quickly to questions and comments, managing their social media ads, and engaging with conversations all through Maybe*.

How you can succeed with social like Keith Scarrott

  • Focus on a goal or aim

  • Think about your tactics, and what you need to do to succeed

  • Build your audience – who you want to advertise to, who is already engaging with you, and who is buying from you

  • Do the prep – create content ahead of your campaign, think about how you can best showcase your products/services, check out what the competition are doing

  • Get your team in place, make sure everyone knows what their role is and how what they are doing influences success

  • Get out there and smash it!

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