Like most hair and beauty salons, The Boutique salon in Knowle were forced to refocus their business using social media to sell online over lockdowns. They knew that to do this they would need to focus on growing engagement on their content rather than focusing on the number of followers they had. By prioritising engagement over followers, the salon saw an increase of 166% in the amount of content being created about them on social media.

"Success for us is business growth. Having 10,000 followers doesn’t matter, you need to get people to engage with you. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, you need comments. Engagement is the proof that what you are doing is working." Lucy, Founder of The Boutique

How did they do it?

The Boutique knew that their Instagram following was a younger audience, and Facebook appealed to a slightly older customer. Rather than post the same content across both social media accounts, they tailored their approach to deliver the most relevant content to their customers.

As lockdowns ended, people became less active on social media as they got back out into the world.. The Boutique was seeing likes but no comments. So they began to engage more by asking questions on their posts and hosting polls using Stories. Tips and tutorials for replicating salon fresh looks at home, or maintaining a new colour, gave followers an extra reason to engage and ask questions and helped clients get to know the stylists and technicians behind the chair. They saw that the deeper engagement from comments and polls drove better reach, sales of their products, and increased bookings for reopening.

How you can succeed with social like The Boutique

  • Make sure you ask questions to encourage comments on your content. Likes are great, but it’s comments that drive further reach as well as engagement.

  • Post content tailored to each of your social media pages to engage the customers that are most active there.

  • Get your Local Rewards High Street Guide and regularly share it across your social media accounts so that your followers can discover your business.

  • Join Maybe*’s free Wednesday training sessions – they will give you real life case studies from independents who are growing their business with social media.

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