A catalogue is a container that holds information about all the items you want to advertise or sell on Instagram. Once you have set up an Instagram business account and created a catalogue, you can start tagging your products when you post about them. It's super simple to do. We'll walk you through here.

To create a new catalogue:

  1. Go to Commerce Manager on Meta.

  2. Start creating your catalogue:

    • Click Get Started. Select Create a catalogue and then click Get Started.

  3. Select the type of inventory you advertise or sell, then click Next.

  4. E-commerce (products) only: Choose how you want to add items to your catalogue:

    • Select Upload product info to add items yourself in Commerce Manager.

  5. Select the Business Manager account that your catalogue belongs to. This unlocks more ways to use your catalogue than selecting a personal account and enables you to assign other people permission to work on the catalogue. To select a Business Manager account, you must be a business admin.

  6. Enter a name for your catalogue.

  7. Click Create.

And that's it, you've created a new catalogue. You can now add your items and begin including product tags in your Instagram posts on Maybe*.

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