Your social media KPIs are the goals you set yourself, stating what you’d like to achieve from social media activity, and helping you to measure it's having the desired effect. So, how do you choose what to measure and what KPI targets are right for your business?

Initial KPIs to measure for each platform are reach including followers, engagements and calls to action/conversion. These will help measure how many people you are reaching and engaging with, and the volume of these who take the next step to becoming a customer.

  • Reach is the number of impressions - ie the number of people whose feed your post has appeared in - and follower growth. Monitoring your Audience and how they feel is essential to make sure your message is reaching the right people; 

  • Engagement is the number of likes, shares, and comments that your posts receive; 

  • Conversion is the number of people who follow your call to action, eg those who click through to your website or call you from your page.

The best place to start when it comes to looking for your social media data is the analytics page for each feed or the graphs in the Maybe* platform. The Maybe* platform can also help you to measure how much your company is contributing to the conversations relevant to your sector.

Another really useful metric to measure is how your social media results benchmark against other similar businesses in your area or sector - click the image below to find out how to do this.

 The targets you set should directly link to your business objectives and goals, so if you are aiming for 100% revenue growth your social KPIs should reflect growth of a similar levels.

Review your performance against KPIs regularly. This will allow you to make informed decisions about your social media activity, reviewing what is working well and making sure you invest the appropriate time and resource to achieve the desired results.

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