Customers are quick to share good reviews, air their frustrations and connect with brands on Twitter and so it is a great social media platform for communicating with your customers.

If someone has taken the time to reach out to you on social media, it is best practice to take the time to respond to them. 

The quicker you respond the better, but within 24 hours is a good aim. Remember, if it’s a customer service query/complaint, take it off air by asking the customer to call, email or direct message you with their details. This is to avoid your entire audience seeing what their problem is. 

Replying to people who have reached out to you also demonstrates to others that your account is active, responsive, reflecting well on your business or brand. Make it a habit to regularly check through your notifications and ensure you have responded to all queries and comments. 

In the Maybe* platform, you can find all your Twitter account notifications in your Social inbox in the Engagement column. From here you can reply immediately or assign to another team member to handle.

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