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Adding videos to your emails is a great way to create a multimedia experience to your email events and campaigns

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Adding Video Element

Remember the days when sending emails meant only using plain text? Those days are long gone! With your CRM, taking your email communications to the next level is now easier than ever.

No tech skills? No problem. You can literally embed videos from YouTube with utmost ease, making sure that all your email conversations stand out from the crowd. So end your dependence on simple text and start enriching your emails to better connect with more customers – all in just a few clicks.

Here's where you can find this option of adding a video element in your email builder.

Drag and drop the video element

Drag and drop the video element

Editing Video Element

The email builder's video element has a handy pencil icon to give you full access! Clicking on it lets you customize the video URL, thumbnail and thumbnail URL, along with adjusting the size, height, width and play button for added control. Don't forget about setting the opacity and padding to get your exact look. All these editing options are standard with our email builder.

Edit video element

Edit video element

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