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Understanding Facebook Insights

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By the end of this article, you will better understand the Facebook Page(s) Quick report data and how the modules align to Facebook Insights. We walk you through each metric, its capabilities and how you can present a clear picture of your performance within the Reporting & Comments dashboard of Maybe*.

Quick facts:

  • We have aligned the data we retrieve from Facebook's API to be closer to Facebook's native platform, so our reports are even more reliable and trustworthy.

  • We have increased the date range to pull data to include 30 and 90 days, so you have more extended periods to compare content.

  • We have added tooltips throughout the report to give you extra guidance and increase clarity.


Benefits of the Facebook Quick Report

Post impressions:

Post Impressions reflect the number of times your Page's post appears within a person's home feed or the page feed. Posts include statuses, photos, links, videos and more.

Why should you stay on top of post impressions?

Post impressions can reveal a lot about how your content is currently performing. Tracking post impressions is beneficial when you want as many people to see your content.

How can you stay on top of post impressions?

Posting high-quality content enhances the likelihood of others sharing it, increasing the fan page's impressions. Posting high-quality content ensures that you are following Facebook's community standards and it improves visibility across Facebook. Moreover, it also raises the possibility of fans sharing it with people who aren't yet fans of the Page.

Page Reach:

Page reach reflects the number of people who have had any content from your Page or about your Page appearing within their home feed or page feed. This includes posts, stories, check-ins, ads, social information from people who interact with your Page and more.

Why should you stay on top of page reach?

Page Reach gives you an idea of how well you're sharing the word about your business.

How can you stay on top of page reach?

One of the ways to maximise your reach is to use optimised content to generate traffic and shares.

Post Engagement:

Post Engagement reflects the number of times people have engaged with your posts through reactions, comments, shares and more.

Why should you stay on top of post engagement?

This allows you to see patterns in how your audience interacts with your posts, including reactions such as love, anger, sadness, and likes. Shares are included; this looks explicitly at the total number of shared posts and comments, which refers to the number of comments on your posts and replies to comments.

How can you stay on top of post engagement?

Ensure to create content that makes your audience interact with content that somehow makes them happy, reflect, or enrich their lives.

Page Consumptions:

The number of times people clicked on any of your content.

Why should you stay on top of page consumptions?

Page consumptions let you know that the user is personally interested in the content you're sharing.

How can you stay on top of page consumptions?

Try to focus on the quality of your content instead of quantity.

Page Audience Growth:


Understand what drives your audience growth over time by analysing paid versus organic likes and comparing trends to the previous period.

The net number of new Page likes is calculated by adding organic likes with paid likes minus any unlikes.

The 'previous period' is the same length of time immediately before, e.g. if you're looking at 30 days, it compares it to the previous 30 days.

Why should you stay on top of page audience growth?

You may increase the number of people who see your content organically by building your audience. Audience growth will allow you to understand your audience should the metrics not align as you think they should be. This could be due to your publishing behaviour. For example, if you are only posting images and no videos, this could appeal only to a small audience. If you would want to reach new audiences, you should try to post some videos.

How can you stay on top of page audience growth?

A few ways to stay on top of your page audience growth would be to create shareable content but post less often. Also, strive for evergreen content.

Publishing Behaviour- Posts per day:

Tip: Metric generated by Maybe*. There may be some discrepancies with Facebook.

Why should you stay on top of publishing behaviour?

Publishing behaviour is important as social platforms want users to interact with the content you are posting to create engagement.

How can you stay on top of publishing behaviour?

Consistency is essential because providing too much irrelevant information will eventually lead to a low social media reach. Similarly, posting content in long pauses will impair your organic social media reach.

Top Performing Posts:

Important: Top-performing post reports do not include results from Facebook ads.

Analyse your top published content based on reactions, comments, shares, clicks, virality and reach.

Why should you stay on top of top-performing posts?

It would be best if you stayed on top as your top-performing posts validate content that is proven to engage with your audience.

How can you stay on top of top-performing posts?

Look for recurring themes in your top posts. Some ways would be to determine the post style, for example, is it a video post or image. This will decide what works best. Check if there is a call-to-action phrase.


Demographics are segmented by age, cities, countries and gender to target your audience more accurately.

Tip: You can use Facebook Geotargeting to target certain demographics in different locations. You can also amend content to different locations and demographics.

Why should you stay on top of Demographics?

So you can have a clear idea of the different audiences you can reach by knowing that you can ensure to engage with the right audience.

How can you stay on top of Demographics?

Analyse the demographic data from your presence on social media to broaden your reach.

Engaged Users:

The number of most active users posting and commenting on your Page.

Why should you stay on top of engaged users?

To maintain customer engagement to foster customer loyalty and gather valuable data. Having more customer interactions will make your brand more valuable.

How can you stay on top of engaged users?

Always ensure to monitor social media feedback. Customer feedback should be followed up on and ask questions.

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