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How to reschedule previously used social media content
How to reschedule previously used social media content

Posting evergreen content can boost engagement and brand recognition, and is a big time saver too. And it's easy to do from Maybe*!

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Rescheduling previously used social media content can offer several benefits for individuals, businesses, and brands looking to enhance their online presence.

Content you may want to reschedule is likely to be content that remains relevant, useful, and interesting to its target audience over a long period of time, regardless of when it was originally posted. This is called ‘evergreen’ content.

Unlike time-sensitive posts that might relate to current events, trends, or seasonal topics, evergreen content continues to attract views, shares, and engagement long after its initial publication. Examples of evergreen content include how-to guides, tips, educational material, product reviews, and frequently asked questions. This type of content is valuable for maintaining a consistent level of engagement on social media platforms, improving SEO over time, and providing a reliable resource for new and existing followers.

Reposting content from Maybe* is easy.

Here’s a step-by-step:

  • In your Maybe* account, go into your Social Planner;

  • Select Open Planner;

  • Click on the post you want to repost;

  • Make any changes to the post that you wish to make;

  • Then click Post and select whether you want to Post Now, SchedulePost, Send post For Approval or Schedule Recurring Posts.

That’s it - super easy!

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