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How to increase your Instagram following
How to increase your Instagram following

A how-to guide for growing your audience on Instagram.

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The first step is to ensure you post consistently. Ideally, aim for one or two posts a day, plus Stories if you can. Choose a time and day and stick to posting your content around that time. 

Next, ensure you are sharing quality content, which includes taking great images. Create purposeful content. Bring your company to life through your feed and share content that is of interest to your potential audience.

Be responsive - if someone mentions you, messages you or comments on one of your posts, aim to respond as promptly as possible.

Have a great bio so people can immediately see what you offer. Make sure to use the right hashtags, as these allow people to easily follow topics they are interested in so enable people interested in what you do to find your posts online.

The next step is to engage with other people's content. This is the best way to increase your following because when you engage with other's content they are more likely to engage with yours. When they do this, their audience is then exposed to your content as well. 

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