So, why should your business invest money in Facebook Advertising? Well, besides the fact that Facebook is such a huge player that no matter what your business is, your audience is almost guaranteed to be on there, consider the following:

  • Facebook offers one of the cheapest forms of advertising in the marketplace;

  • Ads can be targeted with laser-precision to the exact customers you want;

  • It can drive immediate results in revenue, sales and leads for your business;

  • Results can be easily measured and your strategy adapted accordingly;

  • Facebook advertising can be as simple or as complicated as you want, from simple post boosting to complex multi-layered sales funnels, depending on your skill level or willingness to hire a professional to help.

Before you start advertising on Facebook though, remember it works best if you already have a great Business Page which you keep updated and engage on regularly. If you want to play the Facebook game, you need to play by Facebook’s rules! 

You can now connect to Facebook Ad Manager API from your ‘Integrations page’ under ‘Settings’ in the Maybe* platform. This feature helps you calculate ROI and even gives Ad Suggestions.

Why not join the weekly Facebook Advertising clinic every Friday at 10 am to find out more about how to start advertising for your business. Just search in Training.

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