The local Business Improvement District (BID) for the South West Borough of London, Putney, wanted to accelerate local independent businesses’ use of social media to help local residents and those from the wider South London area discover more of Putney. The BID, ‘Positively Putney’, sponsored all of its local businesses to provide access to the Maybe* engagement tool and training from the Maybe* team. As a result, since January 2021 Positively Putney has seen the amount of businesses creating social media conversations about their business and Putney grow by 42%, and engagement in the #shareourputney conversation grow by 158%.

How did they do it?

Positively Putney created a hashtag #shareourputney that they marketed across all local businesses and in the Putney community with posters and across social media. Both businesses and residents use the hashtag across social media to share the best of the Putney community.

The BID hosted a series of free social media webinars with Maybe*, inviting businesses to get involved and improve their social media. The webinars explained how all businesses could benefit from adding place hashtags and the BID hashtag #shareourputney, engage with each other, improve their individual and collective reach and engagement, and how easy it was to get started.

The BID sponsored access to Maybe* and Local Rewards for all its levy payers and businesses. Businesses can engage in local conversations across all social media sites from one place, measure their social media performance and create bespoke offers. Businesses like Giuliano Deli Cafe were encouraged to sign up for social media training to help them get started and improve their social media communications, and shown how to best engage and collaborate with other businesses in Putney.

Positively Putney also make sure that they are active on social media and use Maybe* to engage and reshare all their businesses' content.

When a BID supports all the businesses in its place by engaging with them on social media, and by providing the tools and training needed to grow their digital participation and skills, the whole business community benefits.

How you can succeed with social like Positively Putney

  • Be present and active on social media, follow all your businesses and levy payers and reshare their content

  • Get your Local Rewards High Street Guide and regularly share it across your social media accounts so that your followers can discover your businesses

  • Join Maybe*’s free Wednesday training sessions, to see how BIDs and local businesses are using social media and Maybe* to drive footfall

  • Sponsor access to Maybe* for all your levy payers to give them the tools and training they need

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