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In this section, you will get a detailed walk-through of all the features available in your CRM to build and run email campaigns and promotions like a pro.

This is the homepage of your email builder. Here you will find any existing email templates you have built, make new email templates as well as edit an existing email template.

All existing email templates can be found here.


Here you will see the email title as well as who created it, and the date it was created or last updated.


The email type for each email created will be listed here. We have "Builder" and "HTML" template type.

Last updated

Once you save any changes made to an email template, the date and time the changes were made will be updated and seen here.


You can edit your existing email campaigns here and remember to save any changes you make before exiting the edit page.


You can clone an existing email template without having to build an email all over again by clicking this icon.


Clicking here will further open up more settings for your email templates as explained in the steps below.


This will allow you to only share your email template with other accounts within your CRM.


This will allow you to Preview your email template. You will be direct to a page where you can see what the email will look like when it's sent out.


Here you can view the statistics of each email campaign built.


This will allow you to Archive your email template. You can easily take emails back out of your archive by clicking on the "action" drop-down of the archived email and select "unarchive".


This will allow you to Delete your email template. When you click delete, the email will be permanently removed from your account.

Email Marketing - Scheduled

Any email campaigns scheduled to go out for a later time and date can be filtered by clicking here.

1. Email Name

This is the title of the email template

2. Subject

This is the subject of the email. The recipient will see this subject in the email they receive.

3. Type

Here you will see the schedule type for the email campaign.

4. Email Status

You can check the status your email here.

5. Scheduled At

The date and time that the email campaign was created and scheduled will be displayed here.

6. Next Execution
You can see the date and time you have set for the email campaign in this column.

7. Action
In this column, you can either pause the scheduled email campaign or delete the email.

Email Marketing - Sent

All email campaigns already sent out can be filtered here. The important column to look out for here are the "Queued", "Success" and, "Failed" columns. This enables you to know the status of the sent emails.

Email Marketing - Archived

All email campaigns archived can be found here. You can remove the email from your archive whenever you want by clicking on the "action" button and select "Unarchive".

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