Did you know that 37%* of people would prefer to use social media to contact a business about a customer service issue? Social media was closely followed by live web chat (24.7%), email (19.4%) and telephone at 16.1%*. 

It’s really important to understand why your shoppers would use social to help with their shopping, as this will help you make your content relevant and interesting to them.

Your customers expect you to respond quickly on social media to enquiries, so remember the three golden rules: 

  • Acknowledge - let the customer know you’ve seen the message by liking it;

  • Respond - reply to the customer with a short message as you would in store;

  • Take offline - move the conversation to a private channel to grab personal details such as order number/address. 

Sprout Social say the top 5 reasons shoppers would message a brand on their social channels are as follows:

  1. To highlight a great experience

  2. For customer support

  3. The brand's posts align with their beliefs

  4. A contest/competition held on social

  5. To discuss a security breach or privacy issues

In light of this, to support your customers better, ensure you do the following on a regular (if not daily) basis:-

  1. Read all your messages, every day. Check your DMs (when someone sends you a Direct Message) and search your @mentions (when someone tags you in a post), plus check your notifications. These are the more common ways a shopper will reach out to your brand.

  2. Shoppers like to use social media with brands because they’re known to give feedback more quickly. So, respond right away. Make them feel important - because they are. 

  3. Invite your shoppers to offer feedback. Post a message telling shoppers that they can reach you over social media for a quick response and you’d love to hear what they think. You’ll be surprised by the number of people that take you up on that offer. 

Combine this with sharing your great offers and product range, posting great content regularly, you’re onto a winner!

*Statistics from Sprout Social.

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