By now, you’ll have set up your Facebook business page, added a profile picture and written a concise ‘about’ section so that your customers know who you are... and now it’s time for your first post!

To create a post, you will need to do the following:

1. Deciding what to post - what works well

On Facebook, content is king, but Facebook itself is actually quite particular about what you post, and how you post it! However, video and images tend to do well, so we would suggest including one or both of these in each post where possible.

A couple of admin notes: if you are sharing external content, such as a video, hosted on another site, you would do well to use the ‘share’ button from the original video, rather than copying and pasting the link into a Facebook post. The same goes for sharing blog posts, etc. Facebook wants to keep users in the platform, and actively suppresses posts that may mean your followers are directed out of the platform.

2. The caption

Long or short, it’s up to you! Some businesses do have success with the occasional longer post, however it's important to note that the optimal post length on Facebook (for beating that pesky algorithm!) is between 40 and 80 characters.

Just make sure that your spelling, grammar and tone of voice are on point and in line with your business.

3. Hashtag - to hashtag or not?

Opinions are divided when it comes to hashtags on Facebook, and often it is a question of whether you have room (our character limit, above), but there is no reason why you can’t use one or two well-chosen hashtags in your posts. The hashtag function works on Facebook, it is simply less commonly used.

4. Tagging people

When it comes to increasing visibility for your posts, the ‘share’ button is your friend. By tagging other pages and accounts into your posts, you are effectively inviting them to share far and wide; Facebook is a community, after all.

5. Posting…

With all that in mind, create your post, and once it’s finished, just press the ‘Post’ button at the bottom right of the pop-up window.

And there you have it.

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