Nando’s are real social media leaders. The much-loved restaurant chain excels at protecting its brand identity and retains an authenticity that drives engagements in the tens of thousands on each post. But Nando’s success on social media is owed to a simple social media approach. During June 2021 Nandos created 30 posts on social media. Customers created over 700 posts about them. Rather than spending significant time creating content, the brand lets its customers do the talking for them and prioritises engaging with customers by replying and sharing content.

How do they do it

It’s called ‘a cheeky Nando’s’ for a reason. Whether it's across Facebook,Twitter or Instagram, Nando’s always delivers punchy and playful social media content. Pithy one liners or jumping on the news trends where relevant and chancing a laugh with it, Nando’s represent social media humour at its best. Nando’s don’t actually create that much content, sticking to one or two posts per day meaning each piece of content is super efficient at driving engagement for them.

Nando’s focuses on encouraging their audience to tag a mate or share their plates. It's a simple yet effective tactic at growing their reach. Where they really own social media is by the sheer quantity of their customers that create content about them.

Nando’s benefits from conversations created by anyone from the gym junkie who nips in for a post-workout refuel, families and friends grabbing a bite, to the Slimming World community who create Nando’s meals at home from their supermarket lines. This gives Nando’s content they can easily reshare and engage with, without the need to keep creating their own.

How you can succeed with social like Nando’s

  • Respond to all your customer feedback quickly.

  • Reshare positive customer posts about you.

  • Invite customers to tag friends into your post or ask what they think to encourage comments.

  • Don’t overpost. One to two posts per day is plenty.

  • Use the social media sites your customers are most active on.

  • Use each of your social media accounts differently, Twitter might be best for customer service while Instagram might be better for creative posts and video.

  • Talk to your customers personably and as you would a friend.

“Nando’s social media reflects who they are as a brand and their social tone of voice reflects what they are famous for. They show that you don’t need to say a lot to have an impact when your customers are your advocates”. Says Polly Barnfield, OBE CEO Maybe*

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