On social media it’s easy to get comfortable with posting the same type of content to your channels, which can get tedious for your followers.

Here are four ways you can stay relevant on your customers’ feeds:

  1. Provide quick tips - you’re an industry expert, share some helpful tips on how to use your products and what problems they may solve. Maybe do a quick video showing them how it's done;

  2. Offer something entertaining - this could be a pop quiz on your products or a competition;

  3. Keep your customers up to date - your customers follow you because they love your business, so keep them up to date with images of new stock/services and updated about your business sector;

  4. Join in with relevant and topical conversations online - join conversations relevant to your business and see what is trending each day. Add topical and timely hashtags to your posts, so people can find your content more easily.

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